Introduction to Approaches in Music Therapy, Second Edition by Alice-Ann Darrow

Introduction to Approaches in Music Therapy, Second Edition

Book Title: Introduction to Approaches in Music Therapy, Second Edition

Publisher: American Music Therapy Association

ISBN: 1884914217

Author: Alice-Ann Darrow

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Alice-Ann Darrow with Introduction to Approaches in Music Therapy, Second Edition

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The second edition of Introduction to Approaches in Music Therapy includes a new introductory chapter that addresses historical perspectives on the approaches, a rationale for the categorization of approaches, and discussion on professional issues related to the use of these approaches. Each of the chapters addressing approaches includes updated research references and current practice information. The lead authors for all chapters are considered foremost authorities on their respective approaches. These authors were responsible for the revisions and research updates in this second edition of the text. The process of reviewing these systems of therapy will likely renew the reader s admiration for the versatility of music, and prompt appreciation for the diversity of approaches that comprise the practice of music therapy. The procedures for most of the approaches are quite distinct; nevertheless there remain important commonalities among all of the approaches. The intent of all approaches is to stimulate positive changes in clients through music, although some approaches emphasize changes in specific areas of human functioning: cognitive, physical, psychological, or social. All of the approaches depend on the appeal and influence of music to bring about changes in clients, all of the approaches provide valid avenues for the therapeutic work, and all of the approaches require training to be used effectively. The differences in approaches are suited to the diversity of practicing clinicians and the clients they serve. The book is organized into three major sections: Approaches Adapted from Music Education, Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Music Therapy, and Medical Approaches to Music Therapy. The organization of the chapters is similar. Chapters begin with an overview of a specific approach to music therapy. Also included in each chapter is the history or background of the approach, description of the approach including philosophical orientation, clinical applications of the approach, related research, summary or conclusions, and suggestions for further reading. Written for entering undergraduate or graduate students in music therapy, Introduction to Approaches in Music Therapy, presents the major approaches to music therapy used today. This important resource fills a need in the music therapy literature for an overview of commonly employed music therapy practices. For students, the book will provide an orientation to the profession of music therapy. For professionals, it will provide the opportunity to become more familiar with approaches that may not be their own, and consequently, take pride in the rich diversity within our profession.